Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christmas Holidays

Christmas holidays started with a bang. We went with my side of the family to a special Christmas concert at QPAC. It was really beautiful with lots of singing and streamers coming from the ceiling in the end. Josh and Hayden were getting a bored at the end so Uncle Si let them play on his iphone.

Mum and Dad went and stayed down in Tugun for a week. So we took turns staying overnight. Here is a picutre of Josh when we fed the birds at Currumbin.


Kara did well, she had a few birds here.
We brought VIP passes to Movie world, Seaworld and Wet 'n' Wild which gave us unlimited entry to June. They have been great because we go for a couple of hours then come home. Its been hot and very crowded so its nice to only go for a while.

Mark loves Wet 'n' Wild the best.

Some snaps of Seaworld. Mark had to work so it was just me and the boys.

We loved these penguins. They were awesome!

Josh threw a wobbly at me when I told him we were going to watch the Dolphin show. It was fantastic though, even Josh quietly admitted that when it finished.

Some children happy to have another photo, some kids not so happy. :D

Hayden is holding on to a squirt gun here.

I thought we get a little damp from this ride. I got COMPLETLY soaked through. That was at the start of the day. I had to go around Seaworld drenched through. Horrible!

We loved the underwater aquarium.

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