Friday, February 18, 2011

Leah's Baby Shower

We are all so looking forward to Silas and Leah having a baby. So before they moved down to NSW Kara and I threw her a baby shower. Kara did the food and decorations and I was in charge of the games.

Present time!


Lots of family came, Donna, Katrina, Kara, Wanda and Leah in this photo!

Getting extra help unwrapping.

Here is Heather and her daughter... I think this one is Jenna? They were really tried after cleaning out Chris Neal's house which had got flooded almost to the ceiling, in the Brisbane floods.

Cupcakes with little nappies on them made by Leah

Ahhh, who keeps sneaking in to join in the fun- Silas!

The boy corner.

It was a fun night and nice to celebrate Leah and her new baby-to-be. Can you guess if she is having a boy or girl? We missed you Mum and Es!

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  1. Great blog Amy, I was sad I forgot to take photo's of the shower. So glad you did.